Craft Spirit of Poe- Gothic Cocktails from some of DC's Best Mixologists

I was able to preview The Craft Spirit of Poe this week, a don't-miss event for DC cocktail lovers. This gothic cocktail competition is the perfect kick off for the fall season, and more importantly- the Halloween season. 

The main event will be October 6th at The Loft at 600F near the Verizon Center. 

There will be twelve notable bartenders creating small batch cocktails, inspired by Egdar Allan Poe. Literary scholars from American University will be in attendance to discuss Poe and his far-reaching influence in literature, film, and pop culture. You will also get the recipes so that you can make all the cocktails at home (a huge benefit in my book!).

Proceeds will benefit Les Dames d'Escoffier, a non-profit 501(c)(3) invitational organization of women leaders in the food,beverage, hospitality, and related industries who use their talents and influence for community outreach and through grants, mentoring, scholarship and educational programs, to help support women to succeed in these industries.

In addition to finding out who won the juried Poe Prize, You will also be able to cast a vote in the People's Choice Poe-letariate Award by donating dollars towards your favorite cocktail. My personal favorite was the "Industrialization" by Jose Rivera of Barmini, but with such talented mixologists, it's anyone's game! 

Tickets are available online here-

For more info about Les Dames d'Escoffier DC-



Beautiful Figgy Cocktail By Gina Chersevani of Buffalo and Bergen

Caroline Blundell of Ripple pours her Poe-inspired cocktail, "The Gold Rush"


Lukas B Smith of Jack Rose explaining the detailed Story behind his cocktail, "Edgar AllAn Nee Poe"

Lukas B Smith of Jack Rose explaining the detailed Story behind his cocktail, "Edgar AllAn Nee Poe"

Getting into the Spirit of Poe