The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine & Flos Olei 2017 Debut in the US- in DC!

Recently an elite group of top olive oil and wine producers convened in DC to celebrate the release of these two books. 

Daniele Cernilli, highly acclaimed international wine critic on Italian wine, aka DoctorWine, and Marco Oreggia, a respected extra virgin olive oil journalist hosted a tasting at the Mayflower Hotel for the launch of the guides in the U.S. 

The guides focus on producers' reputation ad the value, price/quality ratio and typicality of their products. Their style is an easy, approachable "working" guide. A select group of wine and extra virgin olive oil producers who earned the highest scores presented at this event!  

We cant wait to read both books! Check out The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine here- and Flos Olei 2017 here-